Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

Someone Take The Wheel

God, hockey just pisses me off. Being a Leafs fan may well be THE most futile pastime in the history of professional sport. The Avalanche sign Kariya, Selanne, and what are the Buds doing? NOTHING. Oh wait, they’re waiting to see if 40-year old Doug Gilmour can play next season. Well they’ll see if he can WALK after knee surgery first, then worry about playing.

And now for something completely different – Minister struck by lightning after asking for a sign from God.

np – The Replacements / All Shook Down

By : Frank Yang at 4:12 pm
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  1. alicesshoe says:

    The Leafs are waiting to see if Svehla is going to retire or sign up with them again!

    They don’t want to pony up another $4M for too many defensemen.

    At least there will be a new GM and the Predident is out. Now Quinn!

    Oh and Dougie is a free agent, they didn’t renew his contract.

  2. Frank says:

    Fuck Svehla. And I guess it’s understandable that the Leafs haven’t dipped into the free agent pool SINCE THEY DON’T HAVE A GENERAL MANAGER. That’s a terrific excuse. "We can’t go shopping because our heads are so far up our collective asses that we don’t have anyone in charge – but we have a bunch of people who don’t want anyone else in charge".

    After 20 years of being a Leafs apologist, I’m getting mighty tired of all the excuses.

  3. Sean says:

    There’s a conspiracy theory I heard that compared the Leafs to something like, say, Moonlighting.

    In the case of Moonlighting the dramatic and romantic tension between David and Maddie drove the show. People want them to get together. People pined for this, they tuned in to see it.

    Then they got together and the show turned to crap (or something, I never watched it).

    For the Leafs, people have high hopes every year that THIS COULD BE THE YEAR they win the CUP. The pursuit of this futile goal interests people incredibly. So it is in the best interests of the powers-that-be to kind of TEASE that the team will be good and get people’s hopes up but not actually win the thing.

    Because if they won the cup then the whole thing would turn to crap and the Leafs would get cancelled and Bruce Willis would end up doing action movies.

    Or something.

    I mean when faced with such prolonged suckitude you start to poke around for possible explanations.

  4. Frank says:

    I stopped watching Moonlighting when the secretary and the scruffy juniour detective guy started getting more screen time than Bruce and Cybill.

    There is truth to that hypothesis, one that goes hand-in-hand with the other old saying about Leafs management – "The Cup if necessary, but not necessarily the Cup". And that’s the thinking that’s pretty much driven me outta town. Of course I want to win the Cup, but I’d be satisfied with proof that the team wasn’t run by grade-A jackasses who want to make a legitimate run for the cup instead of half-assed half-measures meant to placate the – lets be honest – STUPIDLY loyal fanbase and keep putting asses into the seats at the ACC so they can keep jacking up ticket prices and lining the coffers.

    Yeah, ranting just a little…