Wednesday, July 9th, 2003

Seven Steps To Satan

Why does no one care that Dubya lies? Interesting article from Salon – use the one-day guest pass if you don’t subscribe.

What could have been – a concept artist talks about his work on Superman Lives! and some of the concept art is on display. The artist is a total chump.

Comic Book Resources talks to Don Murphy, producer of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I seem to be the only one I know who hasn’t already written this film off as a bomb. I mean, I don’t know one way or another, but I hope it’s at least decent. Such a waste if it’s not.

An interesting nugget coming out of that interview… there will be a Death: The High Cost Of Living film both written AND directed by Neil Gaiman. That’s great news… Um, when did Neil learn to direct?

np – Luna / Romantica

By : Frank Yang at 3:15 pm
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  1. kyle says:

    I like Sean, but I keep thinking "Avengers" whenever I see the preview for LXG.

  2. Kate says:

    Complacency and apathy — perhaps many people just figure he lies all the time because he’s a politian, etc. and don’t care if it’s really true or not.

  3. duffy says:

    neil gaiman has been working on directed a short film lately… and i think he had a hand in the television series based on his book, neverwhere…

  4. graig says:

    1) Bush is an ass, and I’m really surprised that Americans haven’t called for impeachment yet. But I guess it’s easy to forget about the bastard in power when you’re just trying to make ends meet (which leaves only the upper class to care and they like the SOB)

    2) You’re right, that artist is a complete ass.

    3) It just looks like the took the nuance out of the League comic to make it a "summer blockbuster". The first step was adding american characters to appeal to american audiences, the second was the name change to LXG (which they’ve almost totally abandoned with recent ads)

    4)Death’s been in the works since ’98 for Gaiman to write and direct.

    5)Neverwhere actually started as the scripts to the british mini-series, which Neil developed into the novel.