Friday, July 4th, 2003

Mellow Doubt

Tanya Donelly says that her next solo album “could be a weird one, so be ready for that” and it “makes the last record look like hardcore. It’s mellow. I mean, like Chet Baker mellow”. Beautysleep didn’t exactly break the Richter scale, so the new one – due out late 2003 but more likely early 2004 – promises to be, uh, mellow.

I was going to go see Russian Ark this afternoon, but slept right through the start time. Whoops. It’s playing at the Bloor all weekend though, so I’ll probably catch it tomorrow afternoon.

I went to see another apartment this afternoon, this one in a pretty fancy-pants condo complex by the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was a reasonable size, big enough for my needs, anyway, and while at the very upper limit of my budget, still within my price range. I even got an application and brought it home, but on further reflection, I am going to pass on it. Little things sank this one, but sort of important things. First, there was nowhere to lock up my bike – I’d have to haul it up and down the elevator 11 floors every time I came and went. And it was not a big elevator. Also, no laundry, no supermarkets anywhere nearby, ridiculously expensive parking (in case I inherit the car down the road)… And all in all, a bit too yuppie for me. Going to see another place tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah, finally picked up Hail To The Thief. This one’s gonna take a little time.

np – Jeff Tweedy / Live At The Vic, Chicago IL. Jan 9, 2003

By : Frank Yang at 9:07 pm
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  1. Ken says:

    I’m curious to know whether the "copy protection" on the Hail to the Theif disc trips you up…

    I’ve had nothing but trouble getting the disc to play with cd-quality audio from my CD player (a computer) and even harder to leave a copy of the tracks in iTunes so I can listen when the CD is elsewhere (like, in the discman).

  2. Frank says:

    I haven’t tried listening to the CD on my computer yet, I’ll probably find out what sort of goodies it has in store for me when I bring it to work. I think I’ll still be able to play it on WinAmp and I don’t generally rip CDs anyway so I don’t anticipate any real headaches.