Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Hunted By A Freak

Picked up the final issue of Hunter: The Age Of Magic yesterday. Since the title’s cancellation was announced a few months ago, you could tell Dylan Horrocks was staring down the clock to try and wrap up all his plot threads – stories that took months to set up were resolved in a single issue, greatly compromising their comprehensibility and impact. Still, I’m happy that DC gave him the opportunity to wrap things up rather than pull the plug immediately. I began reading The Books Of Magic way back with issue #1, maybe 10 years ago, and while the book went through some rough patches over the course of it’s 100 issue run (105 if you count the two regular titles and miniseries), it maintained a pretty high level of quality throughout. With the end of Hunter, I think Hellblazer remains the only Vertigo title set in the DC universe. I’ve replaced Hunter with Y: The Last Man in my monthly title roster, but am a little wistful about the title’s passing.

Because you demanded it! Hitler Vs Stalin! When titans clash!

Mogwai have made the video for the first single from Happy Songs For Happy People, “Hunted By A Freak”, available for watch on their website.

The fact that I haven’t heard boo back from the apartment I was hoping to get after three days does not fill me with great joy. That is compounded with the fact that there is nothing interesting in the classifieds today to buoy my spirits. I’m going to look at a place up on Bathurst tonight, but my mindset isn’t the most optimistic right now that I’ve been introduced to the fact that even when I find a place I do like, there is still no guarantee that it’ll like me back. Why everything in life has to end up like dating, I have no idea. Harrumph.

np – The Posies / Amazing Disgrace

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  1. claytron says:

    Have you read any of the VertigoPOP! books?

    We have the 4 London issues 3 of the Tokyo and 2 of the Bangkok series if youo’d like to read ’em

  2. Frank says:

    I have not read any of the VertigoPOP books. good? I got scared off the Vertigo stuff by creators I didn’t know (Gaiman, Morrison, Moore, Ennis, etc) when they first started the imprint a decade ago. some decidedly lacklustre stuff came out that did absolutely nothing for me. Wow, ten years ago. I feel soooo old.