Monday, July 28th, 2003

Hope Is Important

RIP, Bob Hope. Your television specials were a staple of my childhood through the eighties. 100 years is a helluva run.

And all of a sudden, things have gotten really quiet. Look at my concert list over on the side – there’s two shows I’m going to in the next two months (one I’m still undecided on). TWO. I went to three in the past week! On the same note, there are no new album releases of interest to me until the 19th of August. Three weeks of no reason to pester the record store clerks. Weird. I suppose this will give me time to get my shit together for moving. I have the first week of September off, specifically for this reason. Yeah, that’s my vacation – instead of traipsing about New York City as I’d originally planned, I’ll be humping cheap kitchen supplies back from Honest Ed’s. I should really try to sell off some of my surplus guitar gear before I move, though. No sense in moving stuff that I don’t need anymore.

Surgery may help keep Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington from throwing up when he sings. That’s great news, now if there was only a treatment to keep those of us who accidentally listen to them from doing the same.

np – various artists / Return Of The Grievous Angel – A Tribute To Gram Parstons

By : Frank Yang at 10:03 am
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  1. ryan says:

    …props for that great line regarding the Linkin Park story.