Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

Dog In The Sand

The official word on the Pixies reunion from Frank Black:

Finally, as for the latest rumor (#398) that the Pixies are going to reunite for a tour (as mentioned by FB on London’s Xfm radio)… here’s the lowdown from the inside : The Pixies will get together later this year to record a new double album of Latvian children’s lullabies, after which they will tour each and every country whose name begins with the letters Cz.

Cheeky monkey.

We have a puppy in the office today. He is a 17-week old beagle and his name is Fokker and he is the cutest puppy in the universe. I want a puppy. Right now he is whimpering because we’ve closed him into one of the offices, lest he pee everywhere whilst frolicking. But rest assured I will be rescuing him several times today. My timesheet for today will read: “Puppy – 9 hrs”

Rehearsal last night went late-ish, doing some recording after a couple run-throughs of the set for next week. We will also be doing an acoustic-thingie in a park on the 27th for the release of a vegan cookbook of some kind. Nothing more rock’n’roll than that.

np – Guided By Voices / Alien Lanes

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  1. Carla says:

    Is the puppy’s full name Gaylord Fokker by any chance?