Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

Dead End

That Batman short film that had me all a-flutter earlier this week? Download it here. It’s pretty damned impressive, though the dialogue leaves something to be desired. And the plot twists are… unexpected. There is an interview with director, Sandy Collora here.

After several very late nights, I am enjoying this one night of doing absolutely nothing. I’ll probably be asleep by 11. And then tomorrow, late night again. Rainer Maria, dontcha know. I think I am bailing on Metric on Friday, though. I will be too damned beat to hoof it over to the Lula Lounge on my own.

There is a grassroots movement spawning off of the Secret Arcade message boards to try and start up an artist-run performance space somewhere downtown. The notion is pretty exciting and while I have no idea what it would really entail, I am getting involved in the process. I think it’s a worthwhile goal to pursue.

np – Portastatic / The Summer Of The Shark

By : Frank Yang at 9:02 pm
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  1. Sean says:

    As a calling card for the director I found it to be well done. It looked slick. Plot-wise though it was straight from the world of fan film mehdom.