Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

Blinded By The Stars

Last night’s Pernice Brothers/Tyde show was just the thing to remedy what had been a pretty frustrating day. The Tyde, which consists of members from Beachwood Sparks and drummer extraordinaire Ric Menck (Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush), played a good if overloud set of California-fied pop, much more upbeat and less spacey and countrified than the Sparks, but still in the same general zip code. A shame about the volume though, it robbed them of a lot of the dynamics that would have benefitted their set. Either way, they still got a good enough response from the crowd to come back for a one-song encore.

There was a much fuller house for Pernice Brothers than their last time through – I was able to watch that show from a table off to the side of Lee’s. This time, I needed to get right up front to get a good view. Besides allowing me to get some good photos, I was also able to stare in awe at Peyton Pinkerton (best name ever!) on lead guitar. The man has crazy chops and is such a tasteful player in the context of Joe’s songs, it’s just silly. And he actually has more pedals than me! The set was well-balanced with material from the three Pernice Brothers albums, with some Big Tobacco and Chappaquiddick Skyline material added in the encores. Highlights included the blazing cover of The Pretenders’ “Talk Of The Town” and the New Order-channeling “Sometimes I Remember”. Though usually stacked with Canadian content, the band was missing locals Mike Belitsky and future Mrs Pernice Laura Stein. But since Joe will soon be Canadian by marraige, we’ll forgive that. The absence of a merch table was disappointing (I will have to wait to get that “I Hate My Life” t-shirt, I guess), but that was a very minor complaint on a great and inspiring show.

Belle & Sebastian’s new long-player, their first proper album since Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant, is entitled Step Into My Office, Baby and comes out September 9. The title is thought to come from conversations overheard while Stuart Murdoch was interviewing cellists to replace Isobel Campbell.

The legendary Muscle Shoals recording studio is up for grabs on ebay.

The official word on the Television reissues.

Some photos from Lake Holiday’s show this past Monday.

np – Pernice Brothers / Yours, Mine & Ours

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  1. Christophe says:

    That Batman short you mentioned a while back is now on Kazaa. It’s called and it’s around 44Mb. It’s bizarre but wondrous…

    thanks for the heads-up.