Thursday, July 17th, 2003

A Movie Script Ending

Cinescape lists their 10 best comic book movie adaptations (1 through 5 and 6 through 10) with the 10 worst to follow. Wow, that’ll be a tough list to complete…

Death: At Death’s Door is a Sandman-related graphic novel by Jill Thompson done in manga-digest format. It takes place concurrently with the “Season Of Mists” storyline, wherein Lucifer resigns his stewardship of Hell, answering the question of “what happened to the damned when they were exiled from Hell?” – apparently they went to hang out at Death’s place.

I’ve never really liked any Sandman spinoffs that weren’t scripted by Neil Gaiman. I find he’s the only one who has a true ear for his characters, and At Death’s Door doesn’t prove me wrong. Jill Thompson deliberately crafts a light-hearted, humourous story but at the expense of some long-established characterization, particularly for Despair. It just doesn’t feel right that something so whimsical should be intended as being a true account of the events around “Season Of Mists” – it just doesn’t fit. Nor does Thompson have an expert feel for the manga style of art she tries to emulate – it comes off exactly as what it is – like a westerner trying to imitate the Japanese artistic style with middling results. All in all, it’s not a bad read, but unfortuately doesn’t earn itself a place in the Sandman mythos.

Details of the third Amos House charity compilation have been revealed. Again, a terrific lineup of talent for a good cause. I enjoyed the first two much more than I normally do with compilations – this one looks to be as good or better. After all – Wilco, Spoon, Wheat, Elf Power…

Beulah must be taking career advice from Robert Svehla’s agent. In conversation with Pitchfork, they are saying they may or may not call it quits after Yoko, depending on how well it does, sales-wise. They had previously reported they were splitting up after touring to promote the record this Fall, then retracted that and said they were staying together for all eternity. It seems they’ve finally found their balance sitting on that fence. There’s also an item on their website addressing the sale of advance copies of Yoko on eBay and the downloading of the new album. Personally, I have had the opportunity to download a copy of the album but have decided against it, waiting for the official release. I like the tingle of anticipation. Still waiting on official word of tour dates this fall with John Vanderslice.

Fark photoshop fun with boardgames. Better have a clean pair of Depends handy before going through these.

np – Rilo Kiley / The Execution Of All Things

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