Sunday, June 15th, 2003

The Tyranny Of Distance

As my apartment hunt continues, I’m realizing I’m probably overly-restriced by issues of location. Today I went to see a place right by the Christie Pits (which was *okay*, but not quite enough to get me to pull the trigger), which previously was simply too far to consider but now that I think about it, it’s perfectly close to everything – even moreso than where I am now – but with one exception. The rehearsal space is way out on the east end of town, and every subway stop further west just seems more and more light years away. But there might be a solution to that, but not a quick one. The Rehearsal Factory also runs a space down at Bloor and Richmond, which would be a helluva lot closer to everyone involved. It’s also the most popular and toughest to get a space in, though. When we initially started looking for a space last year, the management company said that spaces rarely opened up there, but that current Rehearsal Factory tenants got first dibs. In fact, that was the original game plan, to get into the Front-Sherbourne space and move to the other space at first opportunity. It’s a little selfish that I didn’t bother inquiring about switching spaces for the past year since it was convenient for me (less so for the others), but now that I am planning to move west, it makes sense to try and take the space with me. I have no idea how long it’ll take to get a new space, if at all, but I believe I will get that particular ball in motion tomorrow. After clearing it with the others, of course. If I take this attitude, then the western limit of my house search can stretch out a few more crucial blocks. I think this is a plan.

I really liked the Christie Pits area, though. I think living very near a great big park (the Pits or Trinity Bellwoods, for example) would suit me just fine.

The Decemberists are a five-piece hailing from Portland who channel the spirit of the Neutral Milk Hotel into some wonderfully creaky and fantastical songs. Their debut album from last year, Castaways and Cutouts, was re-released on Kill Rock Stars last month and their sophomore record Her Majesty The Decemberists is out on September 9th with a tour to follow in October. These guys are great, check em out.

Ang Lee talks about making Hulk.

This is cool for guitar geeks – a pretty exhaustive archive of Husker Du guitar tabs. If you don’t have a small shrine erected to Bob Mould in the corner of your room… well why the hell not?

np – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists / The Tyranny Of Distance

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