Monday, June 30th, 2003

The List Of Dorms

The Polyphoinic Spree is coming to Toronto! They have two nights booked at Lee’s Palace, September 29 and 30. I haven’t heard more than a few snippets of their stuff, but for well over a year I’ve been under the impression that this is not an experience to be missed. How pften do you get to catch a band whose lineup that makes the Hidden Cameras look like a power trio? Oklahoman wacky-popsters Starlight Mints open.

The Ride BBC sessions album Waves has been confirmed for an October 7 worldwide release on Ignition Records.

Another scathing review of Liz Phair. Sure, they’re a dime a dozen but this one’s worth reading – well reasoned, well written and far less knee-jerk clever than some (hello Pitchfork). From TMFTML.

I’ve put up a top 10 list for the first half of 2003.

This super-extended long weekend thing. I could get used to this.

np – Bedhead / Beheaded

By : Frank Yang at 9:57 am
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  1. Xerxes says:

    You lazy bastard.

    And what the hell is with that crazy color changing link????

  2. derek martin says:

    I have some Postal Service, Mojave 3, Beulah, & Shins… good stuff… but have you heard Stereo Total? Band of Bees?

  3. derek martin says:

    OH! forgot to mention that The Stones concert in Toronto set a new Ticketmaster record by selling out all 150,000 tickets on the opening day of sales. Holey Schmoley.

  4. Frank says:

    You love the colour changing link. you wish you could BE the colour changing link.

    I have heard Stereo Total, alright but it didn’t do too much for me. Not heard Band of Bees but I have seen the album cover art and it disturbs me.

  5. Claytron says:

    am i the only one that thinks ted leo has the most grating voice ever?


    Chris Leo is so much better but gets no love. I give him love.

    July 1st is also International Fish Day

  6. Frank says:

    you are the only one. Ted Leo’s voice is like soft blankets of velvet atop a fresh snowfall.

    It’s okay for you to love Chris Leo. You could even marry him if you wanted to!

    Mmm, fish.