Monday, June 30th, 2003

Sunshine Smile

File under: fun. The Best Of Craigslist. Man, I wish the Toronto one was this wacky.

Things I did on my day off: Got my hair cut. Rode my bike around. Sat under a tree in the park, listened to music and read. Good stuff. I was going to go see The Quiet American but considering that it starts in half an hour and I still haven’t eaten, I doubt that’s going to happen. But to cop from the Comedy Network’s tagline – it’s been time well wasted.

np – Cinerama / John Peel Sessions : Season 2

By : Frank Yang at 6:37 pm
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  1. jules says:

    nice layout design. the pulsing colour links are mesmerizing. did you get to see City of God at the Bloor?

  2. Frank says:

    I sometimes spend hours just mousing over links and watching them shift hues. It’s magical.

    I did not catch City of God at the Bloor, though I wanted to. Somehow that slipped underneath my radar. Maybe one of the other reps will still have it running this month.