Wednesday, June 4th, 2003

Rainy Day Music

Another soaker on the way home tonight. I took refuge in the pub downstairs for an hour after work hoping the unexpected thunderstorm would blow over before I went to get my bike and ride home, but I had to settle for a steady moderate shower instead. But I was still drenched head to toe, and isn’t that really the important part?

The two Posies albums I won on ebay a couple weeks ago showed up. I am acquiring new music faster than I can listen to it!

The rain seems to have finally tapered off – the question is, will it stay away long enough for me to ride to the Bloor to see The Pianist, or will I have the honour of getting soaked twice in a day? Decisions, decisions. Of course, staying home and hiding under the covers is a reasonable option as well.

Well this is interesting – The secret history of Apple Records and Apple Computers. From Done Waiting.

Some Ryan Adams news – the on-again/off-again four-disc box set and forthcoming and oft-delayed Love Is Hell album appear to be one and the same. The box will contain the four albums The Suicide handbook, 48 hours, Pinkhearts and Love is Hell from which Demolition was culled. Now when it will be released depends on how Ryan feels about the material he’s currently recording with Ethan Johns – if that’s stronger, then that will be the new album and the box will come out later. If not, the box will be released and a new proper album whenever it’s ready. The box will be discounted – for a 4-disc set, anyway – so as to cost around the same as an album and an EP. Not a bad deal if you can digest that much RA in one swoop. And to top it all off, he’s talking about a new Whiskeytown record. Time will tell how much of this comes to pass, but it’s nice to see the man concentating on music again instead of being a media whore.

np – Posies / Dear 23

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  1. Rick says:

    Good God, a box set by Ryan Adams would indicate the music isn’t as good as the stuff he’s been releasing, and he hasn’t released a good album since Pneumonia.

    Good old Ryan has a great album in him, it’s too bad he’s spanning it over 10 CDs.