Monday, June 9th, 2003

Radio Silence

Oh god oh god oh god. I forgot my headphones at home. I feel so… exposed. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

UPDATE – Mark has taken pity on me and lent me his iPod headphones. Rage… subsiding. Chances of causing physical harm to co-workers… decreasing. Endorphin count… rising. Ahhhhh.

The new Fountains Of Wayne website is now up, just in time for the release of Welcome Interstate Managers tomorrow. Still pretty sparse, but at least it’s there.

The perfect companion piece for the free synth I linked yesterday – Build your own beatbox. Now you too can be almost as funky as Beck (who had to cancel his Field Day show on account of slipping in the rain whilst dancing to Underworld and breaking a rib).


By : Frank Yang at 8:44 am
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