Friday, June 27th, 2003

Like Foxes Through Fences

Season three of 24 picks up TWO AND A HALF YEARS after the end of season two. Why that’s enough time for them to replace Palmer’s damaged bits with cybernetic implants, and obviously the storyline will have him cutting a swath of destruction across Los Angeles as he hunts down those who did this to him. Jack will have to hunt him down and stop him. Just wait and see.

Complain about them as I might, the fact that Pitchfork is on hiatus until August 1 makes me all anxious. I will have to find more music news sources to fill up my mornings.

Nude As The News offers up some reviews on the Uncle Tupelo reissues.

My four-and-a-half day weekend starts NOW.

Uh, any ideas what I should do?

np – American Analog Set / From Our Living Room To Yours

By : Frank Yang at 1:32 pm
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  1. kyle says:

    I didn’t get the impression they were going on hiatus. Sounds to me like they’re just revamping on the 1st. It does say "Hope to see you Monday" at the bottom.

    I guess Monday we’ll know for sure.

  2. Frank says:

    you may be right. between the notice and lack of update for today, I figured they were taking a break to move furniture or just have a cigarette after their trouncing of Liz Phair. And anyway I couldn’t read the screen clearly for all the tears.

  3. Sean says:

    my eyes are burning!

    making my way through season 2 of 24 via file sharing (through about 10 episodes, got no TV) and now i know something about Palmer’s damaged parts and Kim the chronic kidnap victim (various mentions I have chanced upon) and Kim’s run in with a wildcat of some sort (production news prior to the season starting).

    that’s IT. i must swear off all manner of media until i’ve totally caught up on season 2.

    but season 3 is in the pipe! hoo rah! that show kicks so much ass that the amount of ass it kicks exceeds the upper limit of the ass kick meter.