Monday, June 2nd, 2003

I (Don't) Feel Alright

You ever get the stupid idea in your head that you’ve left a stove element on, and even though you KNOW that you turned it off before you left the house, that nagging little voice in the back of your head insists you go back and make sure that you did, and when you visually confirm that you did, you feel like a paranoid chump? Yeah.

Okay, net long-term damage from yesterday? Doesn’t seem to be too bad. My left knee is feeling a little wonky but we’ll see if that goes away in a little time. But stairs should be avoided for the next little while, I think. I barely made it up the three flights to work this morning.

I aniticipate today’s net output at work will be pretty much zero. A sensible person would have gone home after the ride yesterday and slept. Recuperated. Recovered. Etc. Instead, I was back out barely an hour after getting home, catching Brendan Benson’s very brief but impressive in-store at Soundscapes. I enjoyed it enough to decide I would go to the show at the ‘Shoe that night. We will call that a gross overestimation of my energy levels, but anyway.

There was some time to kill, so Kyle and I met up with Sarah and went to see The Italian Job. I was concerned going in that after seeing the trailer, I’d already seen the whole film but thankfully, that’s not the case. There’s no shocking twists, but it’s just a good, fun summer film. I realize I love a good caper film. It didn’t aspire to too much, but delivered on every note it intended. It’s like a roller-coaster – you know where you’re going to end up as soon as you get on, but it’s fun anyway. And Charlize Theron. Um, yes. Ahem.

The gravy was for one reel, the projecter went out of sync so the top and bottom of the film was cut off for about four minutes. It wasn’t a crucial scene or anything, just a little annoying, but once the problem was corrected, you forgot all about it. However, at the end of the film, a couple of Paramount droogs were at the exit handing out free passes and apologizing profusely. Good stuff – free movie and I didn’t even feel I should have been entitled to one because of the technical SNAFU. I will instead pretend that this pass comes from them apologizing for The Matrix sucking so hard.

Brendan Benson’s show at the ‘Shoe was quite good, a much stronger turnout than I’d expected for a Sunday night. He and his outfit, the Wellfed Boys, put on a very tight and entertaining set, even if by their own admission they were a little sloppy. I’d only heard Lapalco once previously, so I was basing my judgement of them almost entirely on the performance, and I was impressed. There was definitely some Robyn Hitchcock influence going on, confirmed when they covered “Listening to the Higson’s” in the encore. At first I thought it was Elf Power, but I realized after a bit that EP had covered the same song on Nothing’s Going To Happen. Anyway, it was a relatively short set – maybe 1h10m including encore, but that suited me fine since I had been dead on my feet since around 9pm anyway.

np – Steve Earle / I Feel Alright

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  1. valerie says:

    It’s good to hear you survived your weekend! The numorous things you packed into one day is amazing. You are starting to make me feel lazy.