Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

Happy Meal II

Ever wanted to cook with Rilo Kiley, John Vanderslice or Interpol? Check out The Jenville Show recipes and interviews with your favorite indie-rock celebs. A great idea whose time has come. Link from Traveler’s Diagram.

I could have used some of those recipes tonight – tomorrow is the company pot luck and this was one of those occasions where I was reminded I’m really a feeble cook. I can make enough to feed myself with sufficient variety to make it through a week, but cooking for others is a ridiculous amount of pressure. And digging around the internet for recipes may sound like a good idea, but you’d do well to try them out BEFORE serving them to other people… And it’s helpful if the recipe comes with a picture so you’re not stuck asking, “Is it supposed to look like this?”


np – The Jayhawks / More Rain

By : Frank Yang at 12:10 am
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  1. Anonymous says:

    from the ATP site:

    "Because ATP LA has been postponed to Sept, ATP NYC is moving to early 2004.

    We have had problems over the past six months trying to find a suitable venue and the search has been compared to George W Bush’s quest for Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq.

    However, we have made significant progress over the past two weeks and will be announcing details very soon so check the site for more details…."

    So are you definately going to the Broken Social Scene show on Friday?

    According to RotateThis its sold out. But there’s a show on thursday as well…

  2. Frank says:

    I have tickets to the Friday show. I am sorta surprised it took this long to sell out, actually. Soundscapes might still have tickets. They did last time I was in there, I think.