Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Gold Soundz

As predicted, a much… less sucky rehearsal tonight. We made up some set lists for upcoming shows, which provided a little more focus. Speaking of upcoming shows, here’s the (brief) itinerary for the next couple months:

Jul 21 @ The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto with Elephant Micah from Indiana

Aug 3 @ Wavelength 174, Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto. Other acts to be confirmed.

So yeah, after almost a year out of action, the Lake Holiday rock machine returns to terrorize the streets of Hogtown. Hide your daughters.

Where do you rank on the Political Compass? I sit at:

Economic Left/Right: -5.12

Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.87

I’m comfortable with those results.

np – Pavement / Wowee Zowee

By : Frank Yang at 10:03 pm
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  1. graig says:

    WOw, I checked it out and…

    Lake Holiday = good… (how could it not with a Stephin Merritt cover???)

    you’ve just crushed me into self-imposed gushing fandom…

    I have to catch one of those upcoming shows (hopefully I’m not on holiday for one of em).

    I’ll be the one up front, squealing like a little girl (jk. Chances are I’ll be the one in back nodding politely).

  2. claytraon says:

    i am a shade more left and a shade more libertarion

  3. Frank says:

    Clay, you dirty hippie!

    Graig – thank you for praise, look forward to seeing/meeting you at one of the shows.

    BTW – noticed you’ve started reading Miracleman: The Golden Age. Brilliant stuff, the fact that the Silver Age was never completed is still one of the greatest crimes in comics history. Todd McFarlane must be destroyed.

  4. Five Seventeen says:

    Economic Left/Right: -7.62

    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -7.74

    also more left, more libertarian.

  5. Graig says:

    Economic Left/Right: -7.88

    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.95

    Fuck the free market! hehe

    On Miracleman

    Yeah, my girlfriend’s buddy lent them to me (as they’re harder to find than genitals on a turtle) and wow, they are brillaint (but it is Moore afterall, so there wasn’t any doubt).

    I looked up the whole Gaiman v McFarlane thing the other day, and it’s in appelant limbo.

    But Marvel, rumour has it, has offered to allow the character to be written under Marvelman if Gaiman so wishes once he gets the rights returned.

    I’m just glad McFarlane considers himself an American now.

  6. Sudeep says:

    Economic Left/Right: -7.38

    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.36