Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Ghost In The Machine

You can find anything on eBay – even poltergeists in a jar.

The Pianist is really a remarkable, heartbreaking and utterly affecting film. Go see it, that’s all I have to say.

It’s only coincidence, but I found it interesting that two films I see on consecutive nights (You Can Count On Me and The Pianist would both feature Bach’s “Cello Suite No.1 In G: I. Prelude (Moderato)” prominantly. Which is fine, it’s a beautiful piece (and I’m not a classical music geek at all – I had to do a fair bit of digging online to find out exactly what the piece was. Doing a google search on “That cello piece from that movie” doesn’t get you very far).

Some concert news of interest (to me, anyway). Billy Bragg plays the El Mocambo on July 11. Billy Bragg in a small club? I don’t think I can miss that, I really don’t. And The Jayhawks have been added to the Blue Rodeo show at the Molson Amphitheatre on August 21, along with Kathleen Edwards. That also is looking mighty appealing.

I don’t think that it’s out of line to say that Field Day is officially a giant farce. Giant – hey, that’s a pun, cause instead of Long Island, it’s now taking place on a single day at Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey. Oh, and they don’t know the lineup yet. And your tickets for the Calverton shows are no good, you have to buy new ones. And you can’t camp. And at the end of the show, you will be assaulted in the parking lot by angry renegade Whack-A-Moles looking for revenge. What a crock of shit.

NXNE starts tonight, and I still have to get a wristband, but I am definitely probably possibly maybe going to be going to a bunch of shows. Or some. The official guide is out in today’s NOW, so I can properly pick out which shows I will grace with my presence and which ones I won’t.

I was commenting to Kyle the other day that Metacritic hadn’t posted any ratings for the new Pernice Brothers, even though it’d been out for a couple weeks – we figured maybe it was too low-profile and had slipped under the radar. Well we were wrong – it’s currently the #1 record for 2003 with a whopping 91%. That’ll no doubt come down as more reviews roll in, but it’s still a pretty fine showing for a pretty damn fine record. And the US release of Broken Social Scene’s You Forgot It In People debuts at #4 with a 90% rating.

It’s kind of sad that I’m following charts like this. It really doesn’t matter to anyone, I suppose, but it gives me something to blather about.

np – The Posies / Amazing Disgrace

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  1. Sean says:

    wow, billy bragg in the el mocambo might even make up for the wanky suckage that is ‘the blokes’ (if he is still touring with them these days). sounds like a good night out to me

  2. Sean says:

    yes the website would incdicate (shoulda checked before commenting) that he is touring solo. excellent gig in the making.

  3. Frank says:

    oh yeah, the more I think about that gig the more excited I get. The last few times through town he played some pretty big venues – the ElMo is going to be the perfect place for just him and his electric guitar.