Sunday, June 1st, 2003

Bucky's House For Wayward Monkeys

There are not the words to accurately describe how my legs feel right now. I have just ridden approximately 60 km along the freeways on the south and east side of Toronto for the Becel Ride For Heart. That’s almost 40 miles for our American readers. And I should qualify this by mentioning that I AM NOT IN SHAPE. Exercise for me is something that happens incidentally, not intentionally.

But, I did manage to not only complete the entire 50 km course, but cycle from home down to the Exhibition grounds (the starting point) and back. My thighs are just killing me, and my ass feels like I just finished a five-year sentence at Oz. Note to self – investigate new bike saddles. But I did get the best workout I’ve probably ever had, and honestly, my cardio held up a lot better than I expected. The killer was the steep hills up the DVP and the intense headwind taking away any momentum I gained on the downhill portions. There was some serious agony in first gear trying to get up those hills, but I am proud of the fact that not once did I get off my bike and walk any of it. There were some breaks at the rest areas, but those are acceptable. In total, my time was 3:10, including around half an hour of the rest areas waiting for people to catch up.

So now I am bushed, but at least showered and cleaned up. And I am waiting for Kyle to show up so we can go to the Brendan Benson instore at Soundscapes. Probably see a movie to kill time between that and the show at the Horseshoe. I am going to be so dead tomorrow… I don’t know if I even want to ride my bike to work. I don’t know if I’ll be able to.

I love Get Fuzzy – today’s strip is hysterical. There is an interview with creator Darby Conley here.

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