Sunday, June 8th, 2003

Baby I'm Bored

Congratulations to Magnet on writing what is quite possibly the dullest cover story ever on the dullest cover story subject, Pete Yorn. To save you the trouble of reading it, here’s a synopsis. Pete was born in New Jersey. He was a jock. He went to college and joined a fraternity. He smoked a lot of pot and played acoustic guitar at parties. He moved out to Los Angeles and worked really hard and got a record deal. His first album was good, the new one isn’t so much. Chicks dig him. That’s about it. But I guess slapping his mug on the cover will sell a couple more issues (chicks dig him, apparently), so that’s okay. The story on Evan Dando is far more compelling, and while I haven’t read it yet, I imagine the Grandaddy feature is as well. It couldn’t possibly be less.

Instead of going out last night, I sat at home and watched the MTV Movie Awards. It’s amazing how out of touch I’ve become with mainstream popular culture – I didn’t know who many of the presenters were, beyond maybe “oh that’s that guy from that movie” or something. There were some truly funny bits – mainly the prerecorded material – but much of the live presenters fell flat flat flat (Harrison Ford – please tell me you were on a lot of drugs). And T.A.T.U. – well, I know that canned performances are the norm these days, but their schtick was extra depressing. Even with the hordes and hordes of schoolgirls who, at the end, tore off their uniforms and were cavorting about in their underwear, kissing each other. It was just sad.

But one thing the MTV awards did prompt me to do was to go see Old School, which was the matinee at The Royal. It was a not unpleasant way to pass an hour and a half. There were some laughs, and while I certainly don’t expect much from a film of this type, it did get disappointingly fractured in the second half, like they let a trained chimp into the editing room. It was though they realized they were running out of time and randomly slapped gags together hoping no one would notice or care. And in one for the irony files, it’s interesting to note is that ten years ago, there was another frat-house movie that came and went, called PCU, starring one Jeremy Piven as the crazy frat house leader. The same Jeremy Piven, incidentally, who is also in Old School in the role of the Evil Dean. A changing of the guard.

Looks like it will be Radiohead at the Molson Amphitheatre on August 16th with Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks opening. From Tiny Mixtapes.

np – Wilco / Summerteeth Demos

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  1. valerie says:

    I have similar feelings about the mtv movie awards. Almost as bad as the TATU performance (if you can call it that) was the eternity it took Yoda to accept his award. He’s Yoda and all, but come on.