Saturday, June 7th, 2003

A House Is Not A Motel

Another afternoon, another couple apartments looked at. The first had a lot going for it – great location, second floor with lots of light, reasonable price if you consider it included hydro, heat, cable, A/C, laundry… what it didn’t have was space. No closets, and the rooms would have been barely big enough to fit the furniture I currently own. That just wouldn’t have worked – I wanted to come up with a way, but there wasn’t one. So moving on – the second place also had a lot going for it. Nice and bright, large rooms, hardwood floors, all inclusive. What it didn’t have was a door. When the lady on the phone said ‘no separate entrance’, I thought that meant, well, a shared front door. This place was quite literally the upstairs of a house. No separation. Sorry, I can’t work with that. Cross that one off the list.

I am wondering if maybe I am asking for too much. Granted, my target neighbourhood is pretty specific, but that’s more out of practicality than pickiness. If I were to define a really broad area, I would be overwhelmed with the sheer number of ads in the Star classifieds. All I want is for someone to come up to me and say, “here’s this great cheap one-bedroom apartment with lots of light and a reasonable amount of space. And the girl who lives downstairs is single and hot and digs geeks”. Is that so much to ask? I think a large part of the frustration is being entirely on my on this (which is the point of moving out by myself, I know, check the logic at the door) and the fact that I hate being left to my own devices which is ironic because I do most everything on my own anyway.

I went by the Bloor to try and get tickets early for Just An American Boy, only to find that since NXNE is presenting it, the theatre won’t know till just before showtime how many tickets they have to sell. Screw that, I can wait till the film is actually finished and gets a proper release. Of course, that means half of my evening’s activities are toast. Maybe I will still go to the ElMo to catch a couple bands, though I could just as easily sit at home surrounded by magazines and comics and CDs and sulk. I am a rock, I am an island.

Ever wanted to make your own bleepy-bloopy synth sounds? Check out this free software synthesizer. I imagine it’d work even better with a MIDI keyboard/controller, but it’s pretty cool to just spin knobs, hit filters, smack random keys on the keyboard to generate tones and voila – you’re Thom Yorke (less the droopy eye). It’s available for Windows AND Mac. You can’t beat that with a stick.

np – Fruit Bats / Mouthfuls

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