Thursday, May 8th, 2003

World In Motion

From the irony files – Anthrax shuns Toronto appearance over SARS fears.

A bracing ride to work this morning. Fifteen to twenty minutes is all it takes. Amazing how much smaller the city seems when you’re not hoofing it. I am making use of the quick release on my seat right now, but I’m sure that laziness will outstrip paranoia in a couple weeks and I’ll just leave it out there. It’s not anything special, after all. I have to go back to the bike store tonight, though – the visor on my helmet is too small and something on the front brake is rubbing against the wheel, it’s pretty damn noisy and has already marked up the rims some.

Robert Svehla has retired, leaving the Leafs blue line in an even bigger lurch than it was before, if that’s possible. Terrific.

np – New Order / Low-Life

By : Frank Yang at 10:38 am
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  1. clayisnotsignedinandisnotallowedtousehis says:

    your seat WILL get stolen.

    I got lazy ONCE and poof! no more seat.

    If you ever feel that take off your seat will be a hastle, just imagine how uncomfortable it is riding home with a metal tube up yer butt.

  2. Frank says:

    fair enough. I will lug my seat around with me. and I will carry around a rag to wipe off all the grease that comes with it…