Saturday, May 24th, 2003

The Sun Shines From You

Ross and Wiarda’s wedding went off without a hitch today, which is remarkable since a) it was an outdoor wedding and b) it was forecast to rain all day today. While it did dump buckets last night, today was thankfully precipitation-free, and even quite sunny at points. I had forgotten my sunglasses at home so I had to swing by a drugstore to pick up a $5 pair of shades. And also a wedding card. I forgot that, too. But anyway, it was a terrific wedding and they’re so happy it’s silly. My best wishes to them both in their future together. Particularly when that involves NOT living in Toledo anymore.

Oh – fun near death experience on the way down. On the 401, some stupid cow decides to change lanes while I’m in her blind spot. If hadn’t pulled right to swerve out of her way at the last minute, I’d probably be dead. And if the car that was in the right lane didn’t also swerve to avoid me, I’d probably still be dead. I did get to give the horn a good workout, though.

Val sent me this story. about Senator Robert Byrd speaking out in the US Senate about the tremendous fraud perpetuated on the American people about the Iraq Invasion. It’s so contrary to the current party line that tolerates no criticism of the US government that I’m suspicious of its credibility, but god I hope that it’s true. But just because it’s being said, does that mean anyone is listening? On a related note, the truth about Saving Private Lynch. But of course the truth wouldn’t make for as compelling a television movie-of-the-week, so we’ll make up our own. With the blessing of the Pentagon, of course.

np – Rilo Kiley / The Execution Of All Things

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