Friday, May 23rd, 2003

Somebody Get This Freaking Duck Away From Me

This year’s Stanley Cup final was obviously preordained. Now, no matter who wins, I have a suitable mascot. How often can you say that? While on the topic, I would like to extend my sympathies to fans of the Ottawa Senators… I would like to, but I won’t. Instead, as a lifelong Leafs fan, I will instead extend an emphatic shrug and a “My world and welcome to it”.

Pics of Earth taken from Mars. The Mars Global Surveyor takes snapshots of home from 86 million miles away. Fantastic.

I wish NXNE would get their damned schedule up. From the looks of things, there might well be enough shows I want to go to to warrant a wristband, but I need to make sure they’re not all going on at the same time.

When Irish mope-rockers JJ72 lost bassist Hilary Woods, I predicted they were finished. However, they’ve made the canny move of replacing their hot chick bassist with another, uh, hot chick bassist. Welcome Sarah Fox to the fantasies of pubescent (and post-pubescent) British indie rock boys everywhere.

Off to Waterloo tomorrow for Ross’ wedding. A shame about the weather – the forecast calls for thundershowers the next few days. It occurs to me that I haven’t gotten them a gift, and while they actually requested that we don’t give gifts (a pain to get back across the border to Toledo, apparently), I will still get them something at some point. Maybe matching umbrellas.

np – John Vanderslice / Life And Death Of An American Fourtracker

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