Wednesday, May 21st, 2003

Kill Your Television

For fuck’s sake. Stupid browser crashes and I lose the whole damned post. Okay, I can’t be arsed to rewrite the whole thing. Reader’s Digest version – 2002-03 television season is over!

Series finale of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. A satisfactory ending to a great show that, while it had declined in quality the last couple years, manged to pull up it’s bootstraps enough to go out on a high note. Some killer dialogue to remind me why I enjoyed this show so much in the first place (props for the Trogdor the Burninator reference), some suitably heroic deaths for some of the principals. I’m disappointed that Spike will be returning next season on Angel in some form – I won’t be watching, though. I prefer to have their stories end here.

Season finale of 24. A pretty conventional finish to the season – perhaps the twist is that there were no last-minute traitors, that the good guys won and everyone did the right thing in the end. The more I think about it, the more unhappy I am with the final scene. It was just beyond implausible (and there’s some pretty serious suspension of disbelief going on for this show as is). Why go to all the trouble of trying to set off a nuke in LA if, as Cap’n Eurotrash believes, simply assasinating the President will accomplish the same thing? And how do you get a contingency plan like that in place and executed within 10 minutes of making a phone call? That said, it’s always nice to see Mia Kirshner… Next season will be interesting. Is Palmer dead? Will it start immediately after this season? Will Jack with the bad heart be the main character again? Will Kim finally be struck and killed by the falling space debris that she so richly deserves? Will Lynne finally reveal herself to be the Bajoran spy we all know she is? Mysteries abound.

The new Spiritualized record looks to be a reaction to the over-the-top grandiousity of Let It Come Down. Amazing Grace is being called a ‘garage record’ and was recorded in just weeks, remarkable since that’s how long it would have taken Spaceman to mix a single channel of one song on any previous Spiritualized record. Full story here. Some rockers from Mr Pierce would be quite welcome. The last record was pretty snoozy.

np – The Wedding Present / Bizarro

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    Why go to the trouble of setting of a nuke and THEN assasinating the president… Because people will see the two as connected. It completely undermines national security, etc. etc. One of my preditions for the show was that it would roll over into the next day, and it will give Kiefer the chance to die at any point during the next season and to have his replacement step up to bat. phew.

    So should i be renting buffy?