Monday, May 19th, 2003

Indoor Fireworks

People outside are blowing shit up. God bless Victoria Day.

Full band rehearsal tonight after essentially a two-week layoff. The rust was in full effect – even the rock equivalent of a pressure washer dose of CLR wasn’t quite enough to get things back into sync, but it helped. One more rehearsal and we should be back in the groove… just in time for Brad to go to Chicago for a week. Of course.

Damn my ears are ringing. The time off and they thought they’d get a chance to heal…

Okay – there has GOT to be a way to keep people not in my contact list from spamming me on MSN. It’s simply not conceivable that THAT many college co-eds have set up webcams in the past week and they really want me to come by and have a look. I mean come on.

Oh goodie, tomorrow marks the start of summer hours. Instead of 9-5 days, we go to 8-5 with the payoff being a half day Fridays. It goes without saying that I’m not getting this Friday afternoon of because I have a meeting.

On the remote chance anyone is interested, there’s a big honking repository of Weddoes chords, lyrics and guitar tab here.

np – The Wedding Present / Hit Parade 1

By : Frank Yang at 10:10 pm
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