Sunday, May 18th, 2003

In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In

Once again, a compilation has proven insufficient to satisfy me and I am going out in search of individual albums. The latest winners of a full back catalog hunt? The Posies, though I saw this one coming. The stuff on the Dream All Day comp is really good – I just generally wait till the amount of crap on my list of stuff to get is at an ebb before I load on more stuff. Well, it’s ebb time. Gimme some mo’ Posies.

First Luther Vandross goes down with a stroke, now Barry White is felled by a stroke (though he’s expected to recover!!). Dammit. If things really do happen in threes, Isaac Hayes must be very nervous right now.

Went for a good ol bike ride around Toronto today. Not too far, just my usual haunts, but it was neat getting around so quickly. I think I’ve definitely narrowed down my target neighbourhoods for moving out. Five will get you six that I’ll be off of College somewhere, around Bathurst. Little Italy-like. It’s a cool area and is really central to everywhere I usually go. Lots of apartments around, too. Though I may end up a basement dweller. Still, it’s good to narrow things down.

np – The Replacements / Pleased To Meet Me

By : Frank Yang at 10:59 pm
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