Friday, May 16th, 2003

Headphone Recorder

Spent last night holed up in Lake Holiday HQ laying down tracks for the new album… Okay, one track. For one song. But I have managed to reduce my recording time to track time ratio from one hour per minute to half an hour per minute. And I only needed four takes this time. No punch-ins. Huzzah.

Afterwards, I went to see Fruit Bats at B-Side. I now remember why I don’t drive anywhere… finding parking was beyond a pain in the ass. Anywawy, I was so beat that I was thinking I’d just go home but I found a spot and got to the show with about 10 minutes to spare. Immediately dozed off. Well, not immediately, but quickly. Dark + tired + warm = dozy. Anyway, I did stay awake through most of the set. While some might complain about the abbreviated set (45 minutes), it was perfect for me since I was ready to go home anyway. It was a good show – they sound like the quieter side of The Shins (new website!), John Vanderslice and Honeybunch. Wonderful 60s-ish folky pop music, dead-on male/female harmonies and bloopy synths. Good stuff – I also picked up their new album, Mouthfuls.

Spoon are releasing a 7-track mini-LP for That’s The Way We Get By in August on 12XU Records. In addition to the title track, there’ll be 6 live tracks and scads of videos from Kill The Moonlight. Okay, maybe not scads, but more than one. Maybe.

Free music. A clip of “Stacy’s Mom”, the first single from Welcome Interstate Managers is available for curious ears on the Fountains Of Wayne website. I wonder if Ric Ocasek’s lawyers have been mobilized yet?

Mogwai have put “Hunted By A Freak”, the leadoff track from Happy Songs For Happy People up in the Audio section of their site, along with five other rare tracks. Go get em.

Welcome Interstate Managers is out June 10. Happy Songs For Happy People is out June 17.

np – Fruit Bats / Mouthfuls

By : Frank Yang at 9:46 am
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  1. duffy says:

    Hey Frank. Good to hear you liked the Fruit Bats. I’m about to see them tonight in Columbus OH.