Friday, May 9th, 2003

Gimme Some Money (click it!)

Yeah, that’s a banner up top. I’ve bowed to corporate sponsorship. Have you heard about this kick-ass new milk-based drink thing? It’s called Raging Cow! It’s the bomb!

Actually, I’m subtly soliciting sponsors for my particiaption in this year’s Becel Ride For Heart, in which I will take my new bike and quite probably kill myself trying to ride up the Don Valley Parkway. It should be quite a spectacle. Seriously, any support is greatly appreciated. Merci.

Fun concert news – Broken Social Scene and Stars are doing a two-night stand at Lee’s Palace June 12 and 13. This one will sell out fast, guaranteed.

Picked up the new Jayhawks album today while driving Kate around to sell off a bunch of her CDs and DVDs. It’s definitely more in the vein of Tomorrow The Green Grass and Hollywood Town Hall, except for the lack of Louris/Olsen harmonies. But the stripped down, mostly acoustic arrangements are pretty and the ‘Hawks are better suited to that style than the California-style pop they were pursuing on the last couple records. I also bought the first two Dismemberment Plan albums off Kate. Haven’t listened to em yet.

KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic talks to Ben Gibbard.

np – Broken Social Scene / You Forgot It In People

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