Saturday, May 3rd, 2003

Franz Kafka At The Zoo

Caught night three of the Over The Top Fest last night, with Vancouver-ites The Baron Samedi ESQ (517 says they sound like early A Certain Ratio. I was in no position to debate), local twee-popsters The Bicycles (Apparemtly you can never have too many tambourines going at one time), Chicago fuzz-rock outfit The Reputation (very tight, polished rock – the guitarists amp probably cost more than all the Bicycles’ gear combined!) and back for their third show in six months, NYC’s +/- (who still rocked hard, though not quite as hard as the last show at Wavelength). 517 got the contact info for the show’s promoter, I think we’d fit right in with the stuff he’s booking around town. Maybe he can get us some decent shows.

B-movie king Roger Corman talks about his attempts at low-budget comic book films here. I am curious to see his Fantastic Four movie from about a decade ago – it seems too awful to truly exist.

Going to be a busy day – Val is in town visitng just in time for Free Comic Day and a 25% off all books sale at Chapters. Because I didn’t have a big enough backlog of stuff I need to read, I will be adding more and more to the pile. And of course, X2 tonight. I may have to trade in my geek credentials for missing opening night, but c’est la vie. On a related note, Bryan Singer says he may not direct X-Men 3. Disappointing, but hopefully there won’t be the dead man’s drop in quality as there was in the Batman franchise when Tim Burton stepped aside for Joel ‘King Of Schlock’ Schumacher.

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