Saturday, May 17th, 2003

Five Gears In Reverse

So my computer was hijacked last night by the bastiches at Without getting to much into the nitty gritty, I’ve managed to clean up most of their crap but the one thing I haven’t managed to undo is the co-opting of my domain guessing function on Mozilla. In a nutshell, what used to happen was if I typed in a single word in the location line, it would wrap a “www.” and “.com” around the term to try that URL. Handy for lazy folk like me. Now any DNS error redirects me to I found some alleged fixes on Usenet but nothing has actually worked yet. I am pissed off. For more info on these fucknuts, check out their entry on Spywareinfo. Asswipes.

Met up with Bryan and Andrea last night, just over a month away from their wedding day. Today was utterly wasted, as befits the first day of a long weekend. I did replace the quick releases on my bike with regular old bolts, significantly increasing my piece of mind about parts getting ripped off. Went out and bought some clothes and played far too much Neverwinter Nights. My eyes were going all buggy. Tonight is Five Seventeen’s 5/17 party. Which reminds me, I need to burn him a copy of the Wilco EP.

See the lovely video for The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” here. Link from ze Catbirdseat.

np – Elvis Costello & The Attractions / Get Happy!!

By : Frank Yang at 6:30 pm
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  1. becca says:

    the postal service!

  2. kyle says:

    Lop took over my computer at work once. Real pain. I think I had to edit the registry directly, but once I did things were back to normal.