Wednesday, May 7th, 2003

Fifteen Keys

This is for the hardcore geeks. Someone has already compiled a list of the names on Stryker’s computer in X2 and paired them off with their comic book references. Check it out here.

Neko Case has won the Playboy’s Sexiest Woman In Indie Rock poll. I voted for a winner!

Feel like playing video games? Of course you do. Domo-Kun Vs The Powerpuff Girls. I didn’t need a reminder that I suck at video games, but I got one anyway.

I think it was just a couple weeks ago I commented to someone how minimalist my keychain was. No longer – in the last 24 hours I’ve added a bike lock key, a bike room key and a freaking garage door opener remote control. It’s now one bulky keychain.

I have registered for Blogshares and my lil ol’ site is already worth a bling-worthy $102, yo. That means a whopping 0.0021% of the market is mine. Oh yeah.

And no, I have no idea what any of that means.

np – Sigur Ros / ( )

By : Frank Yang at 12:35 am
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  1. valerie says:

    I suck at that video game too, and I generally do not suck at video games.

  2. kyle says:

    You have a bike lock key, a bike room key, but no bike?

  3. andy says:

    He goes into the bike room and stands over other peoples’ bikes, crooning softly.