Thursday, May 1st, 2003

Breakneck Speed

The Pernice Brothers website has been given an overhaul to celebrate the impending release of Yours, Mine & Ours on the 20th. There are a few songs available to preview, though the combination of no-workie Flash and barely-workie sound card on my machine here at work means I can’t give it a listen till tonight. I am hearing that it is a no-strings, more-guitars album than The World Won’t End – more ‘up’ overall, though that’s a very relative term in the world of Joe Pernice. Either way, I am trembling with anticipation for this release. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Here’s a pic of Thomas Jane in costume for the new Punisher flick. Gotta say, he looks a damn sight better than Dolph Lundgren did in the awful awful attempt at a Punisher film over a decade ago. At least they’ve kept the skull. You can find a full-size version here.

Janeane Garofalo on speaking out against the war. Link from Largehearted Boy.

It is already May. I turn 28 in 10 days. When exactly did this all happen?

np – The Shins / Oh, Inverted World

By : Frank Yang at 1:19 pm
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  1. omit says:

    Thomas Jane doesn’t look like he’s been working out though.

  2. Frank says:

    yeah, he’s not the biggest guy. Dolph *looked* more the part, but hopefully this time through they’ll have a proper script and budget and that’ll make up for it. And anyway – who needs muscle when you’ve got heavy artillery?

  3. Andy says:

    Did anyone else look at the picture and go, "Geez, Will Farrell as the Punisher"?