Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

Art Is Dead

Is it art or crap? I did much worse on this than I care to admit. But on the flipside, it could simply mean that I could furnish my home for a lot cheaper than someone with actual taste.

I’m going to see The Matrix Reloaded tonight. I know, I’ve been warned off it by many but a) it’s cheap night and b) I need to know exactly what it is I am bound by good taste to revile.

Not much else going on. Nope.

np – The Minus Five / Down With Wilco

By : Frank Yang at 4:14 pm
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  1. Valerie says:

    I don’t know if I should admit to doing quite well on that, but I don’t know if I would really call that thing with Michael Jackson and Bubbles art.

    The Matrix Reloaded will be rented- I have a very short attention span and I’ve been told I won’t last through the first half hour.

  2. graig says:

    Pssst: FYI…

    check out bjork.com for info on the presale for tickets for Olypic Island concert

    if you have 63 bucks to spare.

    Starts today, ends tomorrow… I’m torn, and broke, so we’ll see after payday.