Thursday, May 8th, 2003


Went for a super-extended birthday lunch today, and between the spiked root beer (rum and root beer… yum) and the heavy heavy chocolate cake, my timesheet for this afternoon will say “3 hours – napping under desk”.

Somehow a bird managed to poop square on my bike bell. It’s not a large bell – maybe an inch and a half in diameter. Impressive.

Paul Westerberg is releasing another doubleshot of albums this year, one as himself and one as Grandpaboy. Dead Man Shake will be a blues-based Grandpaboy record due out in the summer, and the Westerberg-branded Folker out by the end of the year. Will they be as good as Mono/Stereo were last year? Hopefully, but they certainly won’t offer the same value – I expect you’ll have to pay for each album individually this time. Full story here.

This is definitely not something Jack Bauer would do. Keifer Keifer Keifer.

Part four of The Animatrix is now up. It’s fantastic.

Just gotten specifics on another wedding I will be attending in two weeks. That’ll make three in six weeks. I may have to get my suit cleaned!

There will hopefully be some Lake Holiday gig news to report shortly. Stay tuned.

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By : Frank Yang at 2:56 pm
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  1. audrey says:

    is your birthday today? Well, happy birthday! i want some of that chocolate cake!

  2. Frank says:

    Thanks Audrey! The birthday isn’t technically till Sunday, but I’m trying to expand the festivities out into a week-long event. Like Kwanzaa.