Thursday, May 29th, 2003

A Magazine Called Sunset

Pretty boys rule the magazine world this month. Pete Yorn and his hair grace the cover of

Magnet, while Idlewild will be peering out from the cover of The Big Takeover for the next six months. I guess both magazines realized their habit of putting grizzled old indie rock veterans on their covers wasn’t pulling in that teenage girl demographic. Sorry, Bob Pollard, your moment in the sun may be waning.

As part of Vertigo’s 10th anniversary celebration, DC Comics has got interviews with loads of key Vertigo creators, including Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and Grant Morrison. Even more exciting is the teaser for the Endless Nights project coming out in September, where Gaiman returns to the world of The Sandman accompanied by some top-notch artists. It should be splendid.

np – Steve Earle / Transcendental Blues

By : Frank Yang at 9:03 am
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