Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003


My browser refresh button got a workout last night at 1 AM EST when the More Like The Moon EP went live on the Wilcoworld site. You need the CD catalog number to access the downloads, but that’s not the tricky part. As of this morning, the download links still pointed to the Wilcoweb FTP directory, which is password protected. I had to set up a profile for the server on my FTP software to download it. If you want to do it this way, I used hostname “”, user ID “EP” and password “Wilco”… though I just tried logging in that way again and it didn’t work. Maybe they fixed the web links – I can’t tell, their servers are getting clobbered right now. I’ve already burned myself a copy of the EP but I still need the PDFs of the artwork.

The new as-yet-untitled Beulah album arrives August 26, with a tour to follow in the Fall.

I tried to pay off my taxes owing this morning, but the damned bank was closed. Chumps. I will just mail in a cheque.

np – Longwave / The Strangest Things

By : Frank Yang at 11:28 am
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