Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

Wide Eyed Fools

Here’s a nice idea to support your local independent record store – In-Stores Across America. I can attest that the in-stores at Soundscapes here in Toronto rank very high on the cool-event-o-meter.

My copy of Bettie Serveert’s Log 22 arrived yesterday. It’s less polished and more eclectic than its predecessor Private Suit, maintaining the requisite amounts of fuzz. An interesting contrast with the new Cardigans album – one band has dived headlong into mature sophistication, the other… not so much. This is not a slight, just and observation.

Luna bassist Britta Phillips (who I think would be a definite write-in candidate for the Playboy poll…) is auctioning off some memorabilia from 80s cartoon Jem & The Holograms. Why? Cause she was the voice of Jem, dammit! She was also in the best-forgotten 80s rock flick Satisfaction with Justine Bateman from Family Ties, but that’s not as cool. But if it was JASON Bateman, that’d be a different bag of toffee altogether. Anyone remember that sitcom It’s Your Move? My cousin was in love with him on that show. Taped every episode.

Coffee. I should be reconsidering my position on coffee.

np – Bettie Serveert / Log 22

By : Frank Yang at 10:05 am
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