Monday, April 28th, 2003

Volume Reference Tone

This is fucked up. This studio doo-dad is designed to help singers stay on pitch by – wait for it – administering electrical shocks whenever they stray. Man, crank up the voltage a little on one of these and bring it into the recording sessions for any of those Top 40 ‘pop’ acts, and you’d be able to smell the charred flesh from blocks away.

There’s an interview with Bob Pollard over at Stuff Magazine. I dunno, thinking about Bob Pollard getting groupie action just isn’t a pleasant image. First the Playboy beauty pageant, now this. It’s official – cheesecake magazines love the indie rock.

517 sent a few of our songs to Mark Robinson of Unrest and Teenbeat Records for his critical appraisal. Verdict? He liked “Awake Too Long” and “Beautiful Again”. Heady praise. Now we just need them to bankroll an excessive double-concept album and world tour.

np – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead / Source Tags And Codes

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