Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

U.S. Out Of My Pants

There is a new dispatch from Luna-land over on Fuzzy Wuzzy. Dean offers some thoughts on the war, talks about upcoming touring plans and offers hope for a new Luna album to be recorded this year. He’s also posted a new ‘What Dean Is Listening To’ elsewhere on the site. None of this constitutes news, really. I just wanted an excuse to use “U.S. Out Of My Pants” as an entry title.

You want an interesting POV into the opinions of folks on the war in Iraq? Go surf around Usenet – nothing like an unmoderated, anonymous international forum to bring out the best in people. People apparently believe that only Sadaam is causing Iraqi civilian casualties, that Iraq paid the hijackers who attacked the World Trade Centre, that any Iraqis who would dare be ungrateful to their invaders – excuse me – liberators – probably deserve to die anyway. Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest… oh wait, that’s bile.

Dig this – a random ICQ chat has resulted in Lake Holiday’s “Awake Too Long” (available in the MP3 section) being played on 2NUR Newcastle University Radio, 103.7 FM, in Newcastle, Australia last night. How cool is that? We got squeezed into an eclectic setlist, rubbing elbows with Cake, The Posies, Zwan and, um, The Vines.

np – Velvet Crush / Teenage Symphonies To God

By : Frank Yang at 9:42 am
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  1. Garry says:

    Now there’s something to be proud of: being played after or before the Vines. :D

    Good show – glad you got on the radio.