Saturday, April 26th, 2003

Three Men Who When Standing Side By Side Have A Wingspan Of Over Twelve Feet

To everyone out there who thinks that Toronto has become a ghost town because we’re all scared of SARS – this pic was taken this afternoon on Queen West. Wall to wall people out and about, not a facemask in sight.

In anticipation of the June 10 release of Welcome Interstate Managers, there’s a new official Fountains Of Wayne bio from their publicity company here (the title of this post is the name of a former incarnation of the band). Expect tour dates in July.

Seeing as how today was so nice, staying in was not an option. I headed out on a walkabout with Kyle and Andrew, whom I hadn’t seen in probably almost four years. He wears socks now. That took some time to wrap my head around. But it was good to just get out and enjoy the sun, people-watch, soak up the SARS. Walked a whole lot – from my place down to King, across to Bathurst, up to Bloor and back again through the University. My feet hurt. Looked at some bikes, picked up the new Cardigans album, earning me some ribbing from Andrew. Hey, I like The Cardigans. No apologies.

My brother ordered a bunch of the new Miyazaki DVDs. We’ve got Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Castle In The Sky here, now. It’s going to be all anime all the time for the next while.

I picked up a pair of floor wedge monitors for the rehearsal space this morning. Got a good price on them, and these will let us use the nicer Yorkville PA head we’be been using to keep the kick drum from moving instead of the lousy Realistic mixer we had been using. There will have to be a great shifting of gear over the next few days as we figure out where to put them and the new guys move their stuff in.

np – The Cardigans / Long Gone Before Daylight

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