Monday, April 14th, 2003

Sunny Afternoon

Another lovely sunny day, another day of wandering around the city. Today, I met up with Sudeep, Kevin, Vic and Liz for no real reason except to get out and get some air. We ended up at Cafe Dimplimatico in Little Italy, and got what might have been the worst service ever. I’m sorry, but it does not take an hour to make a calzone. It just doesn’t. Chumps. Thanks to them, I was a little late to the Portastatic instore at Soundscapes, but not too much. Still caught most of Mac’s set, which was alright. I’ll be interested to hear him with a full band before deciding if I need Portastatic stuff to supplement my Superchunk collection.

I am apparently signed up to participate in the Becel Ride For Heart in June. For which I will need a bike. I’ve meant to get a bike for a while. I should get on that.

I’m probably last one on the boat for these, but Animatrix cartoons here. Cool stuff. New movie will be butt-kicking for goodness.

By : Frank Yang at 12:13 am
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  1. Carla says:

    I like the food at Cafe Diplomatico and would love to hang out on their patio one day but yeah, I can see how the service can suck especially during busy periods.