Friday, April 25th, 2003

Screen Door

Pitchfork has reviewed all three reissues of the Rockville-era Uncle Tupelo records. And there might well be some commentary on the records themselves buried somewhere in all the verbiage, but damned if I’m going to go shovelling through the writer’s exercises in journalistic masturbation to find them. Sometimes you need to be reminded why you hate Pitchfork reviews. Swizzle Stick has a far more coherent review of the Rockville trio. My unbiased opinions on the albums? They’re genius, all of them. The end.

Thanks to SARS, Toronto is being bypassed by some high profile musical acts. Both Styx AND last year’s American Idol Kelly Clarkson have decided to give Hogtown a pass on their upcoming concert/promotional tours. Hmm, maybe there’s an upside to all this nonsense after all.

np – The Wedding Present / Singles 1995-1997

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