Sunday, April 20th, 2003

Quick, Before It Melts

Lightning round summary of yesterday – beautiful day. Went to look at bikes. Found no bikes. Spilled root beer float in my lap. Disgusted with the Leafs. Had sushi for dinner. Went to an improv comedy tournament. Hilarity ensued. Picked up a couple of Portastatic albums.

Some Cinerama news. There’s a second John Peel Sessions disc coming out on April 28, but near as I can tell there’s only a UK release. Another Cinerama comp that is getting a North American release is Holiday, which collects all the Torino b-sides. Surfing their online store, it also appears that they released a Live In Los Angeles CD last year that I knew nothing about. Shame on me. I’m hearing that they will be touring North America in support of this release over the summer, opening for The New Pornographers, but their July 8 show at The Phoenix lists Vancouver-ites The Organ as support. I hope there is a Cinerama T.O. date in the offing, it would be nice to see The Gedge again.

Some other release dates… the Trembling Blue Stars b-sides and rarities compilation A Certain Evening Light is out on June 16. More deliciously twee songs of heartbreak from ex-Field Mice-er Bob Wratten.

The Luna sideproject from Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham has a release date of June 3. It’s called L’Avventura. A website will be up at, but not yet. So don’t go there. There’s nothing there. I will tell you when it’s okay to go. Trust me.

np – Portastatic / Slow Note From A Sinking Ship

By : Frank Yang at 11:07 am
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