Sunday, April 6th, 2003

Pull The Wires From The Wall

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a video game to install properly on the first go. Case in point – my copy of Neverwinter Nights. Instead of ‘insert disc – follow instructions – run – fight evil’, it’s ‘insert disc – follow instructions – start creating character – crash – reboot – run – recreate character – crash – reboot – update soundcard driver – reboot – update Direct X – reboot – update video card driver – reboot – run – recreate character – start playing – get optimistic that it’s fixed – crash – reboot – uninstall game – reinstall game – run game – cross fingers that improved performance means problem is fixed but never EVER feel 100% comfortable that things are running properly’. Yeah, and sadly this isn’t the first time this has happened. The moral of this story? Keep your drivers updated and get all that shit installed before you try installing a game. And eat your vegetables.

Went to a little party last night at Clay and Jules’ last night. I want a coolio apartment like theirs. Though their place is technically a one-bedroom (one and a half if you count the solarium), it’s massive. Exponentially more space than I could ever fill up, but damn it would be fun to try. I have yet to see a storetop apartment that’s not got loads of character. I like character.

This year’s hockey pool ends with a whimper. I managed to hang onto third place, meaning I take a net loss of nothing, but at the moment so do most everyone else since NO ONE HAS PAID ME YET. Jeff and Lee will have to wait to collect their winnings cause I’m not taking a loss on this thing. And I may be done with running the hockey pool, it’s just getting to be too much hassle for not a lot of reward – there’s not even trash talk. What’s the fun without the trash talk?

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