Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

Out Of Routine

I picked up the new Idlewild disc this evening. On first impression, The Remote Part is big, passionate, anthemic and despite being really outwardly pop, it’s leaving me oddly unmoved. I’m not too worried about being disappointed though – I felt the same way with 100 Broken Windows and after a little while that one suddenly smacked me upside the head like the fish-slapping dance.

I feel a little bad that I’ve had to decline invitations to see Flirt play the last two times out. I don’t see Al and Joe enough as is, but I’m just worn out tonight. Not getting enough sleep, and I don’t expect to be able to rectify that anytime soon. Friday night, The Delgados show. Then Saturday night I gotta wake up early to haul my butt out to lord only knows where for Scott’s paintball/bachelor party. Maybe I’ll just find a nice tree hollow somewhere and try to sleep, capping the ass of anyone who dares come near. Then to top it all off, Sunday kicks off this year’s edition of daylight savings time … Or does it wrap it up? Either way, this is the crappy one where we lose an hour of sleep. Damned farmer time.

I’m sitting here looking at my calender, and a couple of things strike me. One, I have a list of things I’d intended to do this week, and it looks an awful lot like last week’s list of things to do. I suspect this goes beyond usual procrastination. Something is up, and I’m not sure entirely what. Two… It’s April 2003. Which is not far off from May 2003. Ten years is a bloody long time, isn’t it? It’s one of those chronological intervals that prompts people to issue stamps, air retrospective television specials or digitally remaster and reissue with bonus tracks. It’s a good round number. A good time to reflect on some things, unload some things, put some things to rest maybe once and for all. It’s been a long time. I hope it’s been long enough.

Yes, I know I’m a cryptic bastard. Deal with it.

np – Idlewild / The Remote Part

By : Frank Yang at 11:05 pm
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