Friday, April 11th, 2003

Not For The Season

Get your full-size Curious George/Altoids wallpaper by clicking on the image. You know you want to.

It was just four days ago I was kvetching about the snow and wind and cold. Today it’s beautiful and sunny and I need to go shopping for a new Spring coat. I love how my moods are at the mercy of barometric pressures. I really do.

While the major labels bitch and moan about their dwindling sales and blame it all on file sharing, indie labels are prospering. Guess they didn’t figure that when they dropped their modest but consistent selling artists, they would go elsewhere and take their loyal fanbase with them. Chumps.

Mark has gone to see his immigration consultant to hand over all the paperwork he needed to complete for importing Lynette from Texas. I got to be a signatory witness to both his power of attorney AND his will. I get his PlayStation 2 if anything tragic should happen. I’m unclear if I get the games as well.

np – Luna / Close Cover Before Striking

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