Thursday, April 24th, 2003


I took this picture today on the way to lunch. It’s an old painted-on sign atop a building by Richmond and Bathurst. I just love the look of it, this poor, weatherbeaten placard simply stating, “Lovable”. And it is.

Penny Arcade has jumped on the SARS bandwagon. Et tu, Gabe and Tyco?

Sloppy, sloppy band practice tonight. Brad and I both broke strings in the same part of the same song. Clay broke a stick. 517 didn’t break anything.

I got my Homestar Runner t-shirt! I will never take it off. I also got some Homestar coasters and temporary tattoos. I want to put The Cheat on my forehead!

Playboy has started a poll for sexiest indie rock chick ever. Umm. Not sure what to think about this. Have a look here for yourself. Link from Largehearted Boy – I did not find it myself! I cast a vote for Neko Case, btw. Runner up would be Caithlin from Rainer Maria. Write-in vote for Gemma Hayes. Okay, no more objectifying musicians.

Speaking of Rainer Maria, you can watch the video for “Ears Ring” here.

np – Wilco / More Like The Moon

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