Saturday, April 12th, 2003

I Feel Alright

A week ago today, the city was damn near encased in ice. Today, it’s warm and sunny. I managed to drag my ass outdoors this afternoon to get some sun, and it was terrific. Walking through the crowds in Kensington, Steve Earle on the headphones, talking about old 60s organs at Paul’s Boutique (They had one of these Ace Tone Top 1s for just $400! If I’d only won the $30,000,000 last night, that organ would have been mine!), watching the people walking dogs and pretty girls (sometimes one and the same) on Queen West. Hell, even the distinctive scents of Chinatown couldn’t bother me. All good, and just the thing to put a stupid grin on one’s face. And I bought a new spring coat, ostensibly my reason for going outside. I had hoped to find something used at the vintage shops in Kensington or Queen, but all they had was leather and denim, and I didn’t want either. I ended up getting it in the Eaton Centre. Not very hip, I know, but what can you do.

Tonight is Mark Gardener at Lee’s, followed up Honeybunch doing a living room show a few blocks away. Brad and Clay are dong a little acoustic set of Lake Holiday stuff beforehand, but I don’t think I’ll be there in time to catch them.

Find some nice soundboard recordings of a Rilo Kiley show in Austin from February here and here. They’re uploading the show one song at a time. The current song is at the latter link, the earlier songs at the former.

My semi-regular war rant. Well, not a rant, really. I’m just sad about this. Very very sad.

np – Belly / The Best Of Belly

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